Latest News on the development of the Neighbourhood Plan

October 2020

Regulation 14 Formal Public Consultation will take place 8th October -27th November 2020

September 2018

Kirkwells consultants appointed by the Parish council to develop the first draft of the Neighbourhood Plan. Incorporating the results of the Neighbourhood Plan questionnaire and development work undertaken by the Neighbourhood Plan Steering group.

March 2017

The Neighbourhood plan questionnaire was distributed in March 2017

September -November 2016

Throughout the Summer a great deal of investigation, preparation and "ground work" has been undertaken by the Neighbourhood Plan Steering group. The development of a community engagement questionnaire is nearing completion and it is planned to deliver the questionnaire to all homes in the Parish in the new year.  Please check the minutes of meetings displayed under the documents tab.

30th August 2016  Newcastle Borough Council formally approve the development of the Betley, Balterley and Wrinehill Neighbourhood Plan

6th August 2016     Neighbourhood Plan Display at Betley show.

30th July 2016    Successful roadshow held in the reading room, Betley

26th July 2016    First Neighbourhood plan roadshow held in Betley village hall.

10th July 2016  Neighbourhood Plan Information letter and leaflet   delivered to all  homes in the parish Betley, Balterley and Wrinehill.

June 2016  Betley Parish Council vote to develop a Neighbourhood  Plan.

                     A Steering group is set up to begin the process of development.